We’ve compiled a list of the questions we get asked the most often. To get the answer, simply click on one of the questions below.

What is Bespoke Kosher Travel?

Bespoke Kosher Travel specialises in understanding the needs of Kosher Travellers. We create bespoke travel itineraries to destinations around the world and ensure that as one of our travellers, you have access to good quality kosher meals throughout the duration of your trip. Our dedicated team of travel consultants are themselves passionate, experienced kosher travellers and can provide expert opinion and apply first-hand knowledge on many of the locations we offer. From kosher safaris in South Africa, walking a section of the Great Wall of China, to marvelling at the Taj Mahal, let us surprise you with the range of locations where we can organise a fully Kosher experience.

Can I really go anywhere?

Using our knowledge of the  locations and with access to kosher food in multiple countries  we can organise Kosher holidays across the globe We work closely with Kosher suppliers, accommodation providers and local Jewish communities globally to make sure you have a fully 100% Kosher, and Shabbat friendly holiday. Get in touch to find out how we can serve you, based on your specific requirements.

Do you only organise the Kosher food’?

Food is important, but we can also plan every single step of your trip, tailored to suit your personal needs, including flights, transfers, accommodation and experiences. We additionally offer a concierge service whilst you are away. Before you travel, you’ll receive a detailed information pack about your upcoming trip, including information on the local area, kosher facilities, Shul times and Shabbos times.

How much do your holidays cost?

Each trip is priced based on the personal requirements of the client, the itinerary, the food and the level of accommodation. We factor our costs in so there are no hidden fees or charges.

What is the standard of Kosher food?

We work hard to make sure you have Kosher food delivered to you for each day of your trip. From the outset, we listen to your requirements and then carefully design a holiday that will suit your needs. If good quality food is a priority for the duration of your trip, or several parts, we have the expert knowledge to suggest the best areas throughout your chosen destination that will suit your needs.

How Kosher is Kosher food abroad?

We only work with Kosher suppliers that are under supervision of an orthodox body, or in smaller locations under an approved Rabbinical Supervision

How do you cater for our needs over Shabbos?

We work closely with your hotel to ensure they understand all your individual needs throughout Shabbat. As well as arranging all your meals, we also provide you with a Shabbos pack that includes grape juice, candles, and other necessities, making your Shabbos experience smooth and enjoyable. In specific locations, we can additionally provide hot plates and urns.

Alternatively and destination depending, you can choose to spend Shabbat with a Jewish family and get to know more about the local Jewish community. Let us know if this is something you think you might enjoy, or our team will suggest this to you when you enquire.

I have an upcoming business trip abroad. Are you able to help me organise Kosher food?

Yes, we can help you arrange this according to your exact needs. Please get in contact and our team will be more than happy to assist

How will the places I stay out throughout the duration on my trip understand the Kosher requirements?

We work closely with our accommodation providers making sure they fully understand and are aware of the Kosher requirements. For some destinations, we can suggest several hotels where staff are already familiar with the process of storing, heating up and serving Kosher food when food is being sent by a Kosher supplier. For newer hotel partners, we send detailed instructions and follow up with training sessions. In areas where there is a Jewish community, there is sometimes an option to eat at a Kosher restaurant.

Is my money safe?

We are a member of the Protected Trust Services (5114); we operate according to their Code of Conduct. All the packages and holidays we sell are covered by a scheme protecting your money if the supplier fails. The principle is very simple; it is your money we can’t hold it separately or use it to run their business. All clients of PTS are contractually bound to pay any money they receive from customers into the trust account. All card payments taken by PTS clients can only be paid into the . For more information visit http://www.protectedtrustservices.com/company/consumer-protection


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